In the Intrinsica Network, innovators are people and/or organizations who have innovations, or have an interest in innovating, to solve hard problems that require collaboration.

We support four types of innovator:

  • Health and Wellbeing Innovators

    • Helping identify innovations that improve health and wellbeing for populations of people

  • Research Innovators

    • researchers and scholars at universities and other research institutions with research-based innovation

  • Funding Innovators

    • funders with an interested in funding innovations in the non-profit or for-profit sector; or with funding innovations with potential to generate new funding to support innovation and change (e.g. Web3 models, or digital asset securitization models).

  • Action Innovators

    • individuals and organizations with an interest in implementing innovations in the real world at different stages of development.

For all of our innovators, we offer services including access to learning and education, resources, funding, connections, community, and other forms of support.

If you are an innovator interested in learning more, please join free, as a member, attend upcoming events, participate in open innovation challenges, or connect with us to explore an opportunity.