2022 - 2031

Strategic Framework

In Intrinsica, a strategic framework is a consensus framework to support wellness, research, funding and action activities in order to improve health and wellbeing for a given population of people. It is designed to accelerate innovation by a factor of 10X or better in the spaces where it focuses. The current RAPID Alliance Strategic Framework is shown below.

Last updated: 4-28-2022

The RAPID Alliance Strategic Framework 2022 - 2031 is an ecosystem-level strategic framework for optimizing medications use in the US from 2022-2031. It is designed based on the landscape review published in Transformational Strategies for Optimizing Use of Medications (2021) in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA).

The vision is to optimize use of medications, vaccines and related therapies for all US populations, expanding globally.

The mission is co-create and implement initiatives and transformational innovations to advance the vision.

A core value is a shared commitment to doing our best to honor and respect the intrinsic value of each person in every interaction.

Goals are to:

  1. Reduce non-optimized medication therapy (NOMT) events

  2. Increase Healthy Days and Other Population Health and Wellbeing Measures for US populations

  3. Reduce Avoidable Healthcare Spending by up to $200B annually

  4. Accelerate Development and Spread of Transformational Innovations for achieving 1-3

Strategic priorities are:

  1. Payment and Practice Model Transformation

  2. Digital Interoperability and Person-Centered Data Sharing

  3. Unifying Measures that work across the US

  4. Building Transformational Research Infrastructure

  5. Strengthening Health Equity and Access

  6. Other strategic priorities identified by the RAPID Alliance community through a continuing Strategic Plan Integration Process.

Catalysts are specially appointed groups operating inside a partner organization that do the work of the ecosystem alliance. There are four types of Catalyst: research, action, wellness, and funding.

  1. Research catalysts are groups within partner universities that do the research to guide the plan.

  2. Action catalysts are groups operating within partner organizations involved in action - e.g. implementing strategic plans.

  3. Wellness catalysts are groups operating within partner organizations involved in patient/population advocacy.

  4. Funding catalysts are groups operating within funding organizations, such as foundations, government funding groups, or investment groups.

Partners are organizational stakeholders. Partners may include universities, corporations, health care companies, associations, government agencies, foundations, investors, or other organized groups with an interest in the strategic plan.

Participants are individual stakeholders. Participants may participate in many roles - as researchers, leaders, experts, professionals, students, advocates, and so on

Administrator is a neutral third party non profit (501(c)3) that provides trustworthy administrative services to support the overall ecosystem collaborative.

Innovation Spaces are research-driven spaces in which universities and other stakeholders work together to develop and implement innovations to solve important problems. Innovation spaces may be organized at national levels, state levels, for at-risk populations and for various special topics.

Transformational Action Groups (TAGs) are sub-groups that develop and implement priority topics within an innovation space

Innovations are public-sector or private sector innovations that solve a problem or create new value in an ecosystem.

Shared services are provided by the administrator to support the overall innovation community.

Continual planning is a process by which strategic plans developed by initiatives and/or put in place by partners, are periodically added to the Strategic Framework.

RAPID Alliance Aligned Strategic Plans

A portfolio of strategic plans aligned with the overall framework will be developed over time. As plans are developed, links to them will be added here.