Request an Invitation to Join as a Catalyst

A catalyst is a group operating within an organization that co-leads initiatives. Catalysts are paid to perform the work of the RAPID Alliance. There are four types of catalysts.

  1. Research Catalysts are university or research organization based teams that are funded to provide research and related services for the network.

  2. Action Catalysts are associations, consulting firms, government agencies, platform companies and others who are interested in undertaking research-driven action to achieve the goals of an initiative and the RAPID Alliance.

  3. Wellness Catalysts are patient/family advocates who are paid to help bring patient/family perspectives into all initiatives.

  4. Funding Catalysts are Foundations, Philanthropy, Government Agencies, Investment Groups and others who are organized to provide grants or investments in order to achieve a benefit.

Catalysts may raise their own funds and/or receive funds from the RAPID Alliance and Intrinsica.

If you are interest in learning more, or receiving an invitation to join as a catalyst, please let us know.

Wellness Catalyst

Patient/family wellness advocates at international, national, state or local levels

Research Catalyst

Universities (schools, departments, and research units) and other research groups interested in conducting research to help guide action .

Action Catalyst

Healthcare organizations, corporations, associations, government agencies, technology platforms, foundations, consulting firms, investment groups and others interested in accelerating development and implementation of TIEs to improve population health and wellbeing and increase economic value.

Funding Catalyst

Foundations, philanthropy, government agencies, investment groups, and others interest in funding transformational innovation to improve health and wellbeing for specific populations of people