Join as a Partner

What is a Partner?

A partner is an organizational unit in an organization (public, private or government agency) with an interest in the problem domain being addressed. Partners help co-create and fund initiatives, accelerate development and spread of transformational innovations and use shared services. Partners contribute time and funding and receive valuable benefits including advanced access to emerging innovations.

Partner Benefits

    • Advance strategic mission and goals

    • Help shape the future of the space

    • Early access to emerging innovations

    • Early access to high quality research from leading universities and researchers

    • Strategic connections with other individuals and organizations.

    • Valuable shared services including data, analytics, innovation labs, and other resources

How to Join

Partners join by sending in a partner letter of request to join on letterhead. While no fees are required, each partner is asked to consider a meaningful funding contribution to support the shared goals of the network. An organization can have multiple units operating as partners. Small organizations, and non-profits can offer in-kind support in lieu of funding.

Wellness Partner

Wellness partners are patient/family wellness advocates at international, national, state or local levels.

Research Partner

Universities (schools, departments, and research units) and other research groups interested in conducting research to help guide action.

Action Partner

Healthcare organizations, corporations, associations, government agencies, technology platforms, foundations, consulting firms, investment groups and others interested in accelerating development and implementation of transformational innovations to improve population health and wellbeing and increase economic value.

Funding Partner

Foundations, philanthropy, government agencies, investment groups, and others interested in supporting transformational innovation to improve health and wellbeing for specific populations of people.