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Non-Optimized Use of Medications and Vaccines is One of the Biggest Challenges in Healthcare Today

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In the US alone, millions of people each year face avoidable illnesses or death caused by this problem. This situation is estimated to cost the US healthcare system alone as much as $528 billion per year in likely avoidable spending. Billions more in potential market investments are sitting on the sidelines because of sectoral fragmentation. The problem is much larger at global scale.

An estimated $5 billion in investment in public and private sector innovation is needed to reduce this burden by 50% by 2031

Note: the term "medications" refers to prescription drugs, vaccines, over the counter medications and nutraceuticals, digital therapeutics, personalized (genome based) medicine, and other products and services supported by physicians and pharmacists.

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Baseline research for the RAPID Alliance was completed in 2021, and published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. Based on the research, goals for the RAPID Alliance from 2022 - 2031 were established. These are to rapidly accelerate innovation in order to improve health and wellbeing for 200+ million people in the US and 400+ million internationally, and reduce likely avoidable health spending in the US by up to $200 billion annually, by reducing medication related adverse health events (AHEs).

The RAPID Alliance Strategic Framework and Collaborative Innovation Plan Have Been Developed to Support Achievement of these Goals

RAPID Alliance activities are prioritized based on the RAPID Alliance Strategic Framework 2022 - 2031. This was co-created through research conducted starting in April, 2020. Learn more about the strategic framework here.

Last updated: 4-1-2022

The RAPID Alliance Collaborative Innovation Model is shown above. The model, based on the strategic framework, engages catalysts, partners, and funders who work together to form hundreds of innovation spaces that accelerate innovation to help solve this problem.

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If you are an innovator with an innovative idea or business that you believe has potential to help optimize medications, and would like to take it to the next level, please join one of our public innovation spaces.

If we like your idea, we'll support you in forming an innovation space, and help you generate funding, partners, and other resources to accelerate your innovation. .

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May 9, 2022

Intrinsica Announces RAPID Alliance 2.0 Launch Event and Innovation Acceleration Forum for Solving $528 Billion Dollar Medications Use Challenge

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky. Today, Intrinsica Inc., a non-profit organization, announced the dates for the RAPID Alliance 2.0 Launch Meeting and Innovation Acceleration Forum for solving a $528 billion dollar medications use challenge affecting 200 million or more people in the US. The event is occurring on June 21 and 22, 2022, virtually.

The event is designed to bring together a select group of leaders, scholars, innovators, funders, technologists, government leaders and others from across the US medications sector, including all key professions, to share, fund and implement transformational innovations with potential to solve this challenge.

Of the event, Intrinsica Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Judah Thornewill, said "we are excited to be taking this next step to address this difficult challenge. At the event, we are also pleased to be using the first version of Intrinsica Accelerate,™ our research-driven platform for accelerating innovation at ecosystem scales.

The agenda includes information about plans to raise up to $25M in 2022, and $5 billion or more (cumulative) over the next decade, to support hundreds of public and private sector innovations to help solve this problem.

To sign-up, please visit spring2022.intrinsica.org.

About Intrinsica and the RAPID Alliance. Intrinsica, Inc. is a non-profit organized to accelerate innovation to solve some of societies most difficult challenges. The RAPID Alliance is Intrinsica's first innovation network, organized to solve a $528 billion medication and vaccine use challenge in the US, expanding globally.

RAPID Alliance Community

The RAPID Alliance is working with a growing network of universities, associations, and industry leading organizations.

Thank You

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the RAPID Alliance since April, 2020.

Thank You to Our Founding Strategic Action Partners

Thank you to our 2020 - 2022 Council Members

Thank you to our Practice Council members for their vision of co-creating a national research infrastructure designed to support strategic action with potential to make a transformational difference. Thank you to selected Research Council members for guidance to help strengthen the study design.

Thank You to the The Emeritus Brigade

The Emeritus Brigade is a select group of Emeritus Deans, Chairs, Researchers, CEOs and Senior Leaders providing "points of light" (guidance, support, mentorship, perspective and connections) for other participants in the RAPID Alliance. Learn more.

Thank You to Founding Research Partners

Founding research for this project was conducted in the National Science Foundation Center for Health Organization Transformation at the University of Louisville, School of Public Health and Information Sciences under the following study protocols: The RAPID Study at UofL (April 2020 - March 2021), RAPID Alliance / STAR Study at UofL (April 2021 - April 2022), and the Medications Optimization Study at UofL (February, 2022 forward).

Thank You to Founding Sponsors